Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Instituto de Radioastronomía y Astrofísica
Campus UNAM Morelia

The Wolf-Rayet phenomenon in the Universe

16th - 20th of November of 2020

Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Wolf-Rainer Hamann (Co-Chair)
  • You-Hua Chu
  • Jose Groh
  • Gloria Koenigsberger
  • Lidia Oskinova
  • Philip Massey
  • Nidia Morrell
  • Nicole St-Louis
  • Jesús Toalá (Co-Chair)

Local Organizing Committee

Scientific Rationale

Our understanding of the Wolf-Rayet phenomenon has undergone significant observational and theoretical progress in recent years. Sophisticated radiative transfer models are now routinely used to interpret the spectral signatures of Wolf-Rayet and related emission line stars, helping to deepen our understanding of their structure and, at the same time, their impact on the ISM. Photometric and spectroscopic surveys have substantially increased the observational sample of Galactic and Magellanic Cloud Wolf-Rayet stars. The recent detection of gravitational waves and the recognition of Wolf-Rayet stars as the potential progenitors of some merging black holes has reaffirmed the dominant role of massive star evolutionary processess in defining final products that are at the center of multi-messenger phenomena. Five years after the Wolf-Rayet Workshop held 2015 in Potsdam, Germany, this conference continues the series of meetings specifically dedicated to Wolf-Rayet stars.

It is an opportune moment to bring together the experts in the field to discuss its recent progress, open issues, and future perspectives. The meeting is also aimed at encouraging more scientists to join the research efforts on Wolf-Rayet stars within the broader astrophysical context.

Conference Program

The scientific program will consist of few review talks, many contributed talks, and discussions. Poster contributions will also be displayed.

The SOC will decide the program shortly after the abstract submission deadline, and it will be posted here.